Overview of the solutions

Expanding our product range is key in accelerating Company’s growth, as well way of maximizing the potential of existing audience and capturing the attention of new customers.

Solutions for Corporates

Solutions for Corporates

The digital payment solution for organisations looking for an effective and trustworthy transaction partner.

PayMix Pro is a faster, transparent and efficient way for businesses to transact. Offering an agile alternative to the classic business bank account. PayMix Pro is operated by Paymix Ltd., a fully MFSA licensed financial institution. Paymix Pro uses multiple pay out solutions and latest fin-tech ideas to enable quicker (at most times instant) movements of funds across currencies and borders. Due to it’s inherently transparent nature, transacting with a PayMix Pro account is safe, secure and trusted.
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By offering an agile alternative to the classic business bank account, it enables clients to:
• international business account to send, spend, collect and receive money from all around the world through the:
– SEPA Credit transfers
– SEPA Direct Debit transfers
– SEPA Instant payments*
– SWIFT payments
*transfers are made within seconds, 24/7 and funds available to recipients immediately
• Instant internal payments between PaymixPro Business and/or Personal accounts
• to load business account either through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Klarna or by Crypto
• Pre-paid Mastercard Business cards

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    Solutions for Individuals

    Solutions for Individuals

    iPaymix – everyone is invited

    iPaymix is easy-to-use e-Wallet account for individuals, designed to provide customers with an easy and user-friendly way to manage their personal finances, keep track of their transactions and send and receive money, whilst enjoying all the benefits of holding a Mastercard debit card.
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    How It Works


    Install App – Download from your app store and sign up. It’s quick and straightforward


    Top-up your funds. Add money from your bank or existing card account. Or receive money directly on iPaymix


    You’re all set! – Order your card on the app. Make payments and purchases. It’s yours to use as you like.

    Solution for financial institutions and enterprises

    Solution for financial institutions and enterprises

    PaymixVia payment platform

    PaymixVia is a comprehensive payment platform that gives to merchants end-to-end control of their branded payment experience
    •Ultimate check out experience
    – hosted payment page
    – IFrame checkout
    – payment page customization
    – multi language& multi-currency
    – payment method ordering
    – QR payments


    • Payment methods
    – any payment method possible on request
    – payments links (Pay by link)
    – Recurring payments
    – QR payments


    • Reporting, analysis& insights
    – Chargeback analysis with detailed reason code
    – Reconciliation report
    – Settlement reports
    – Transaction detail view
    – Filter & export functions

    Solution for sole traders  & local business’s

    Solutions for Corporates

    Paymix SoftPOS –
    Low cost, low maintenance, card acceptance

    The Software Point of Sale is a revolutionary new technology which allows merchants to accept card payments directly on their smart phone.
    Paymix SoftPOS is a contactless acceptance solution that is low cost and low maintenance for the merchant, enabling to easily accept electronic payments by turning a mobile device into a point-of sale device and at the same time offering complete set of financial services at affordable cost – sales proceeds go straight to the dedicated IBAN account.
    Solution serving specific groups of merchant enterprises that are not adequately served with existing acceptance solutions, offering limited mobility, long lead times, expensive infrastructure, and complicated logistics.
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      Payment Virtual POS – VPOS

      For more information do drop an email to: merchants@paymix.eu


      Card payments are one of the most common payment methods in the world; it is time you start accepting card payments with our online card processing service – VPOS.

      We are:


      Account + Card processor; so what you earn is in your account by the next day*.

      Total Package

      We trust each other and so we enable the Virtual POS product quickly for you.

      About your Success

      By providing your customers with a highly accessible, easy and safe payment option that would boost your business.


      Our software supports multiple currencies, languages and products.
      Simply enable your Virtual POS by filling out the form through the Paymix Pro Portal or by clicking the button

      Infrastructure Solutions

      Finance Incorporated provides eAccounts for corporate and individual clients
      For more information do drop an email to: projects@paymix.eu

      Digital Wallet

      Our technology allows you to store credit card numbers, debit card numbers, loyalty card numbers. Your money still stays in your bank or credit card account. Digital wallet keeps your details and cards organised to make transactions easier.


      Prepaid wallet that requires money to be loaded prior to any transaction. Enable payments either at physical stores or online. Our E-Wallet system has been developed to work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop via web or mobile application.

      Card Processing

      Processing solutions for your business. Our integrated system allows you to process debit, credit and prepaid cards in a fully ready to use package.
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      © 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.