The way we store our money has changed drastically throughout the ages. Long gone are the days when your nannu would keep his life’s fortune in a cupboard at home, or when kids would save up by filling up their money box because we’ve replaced it with a digital e-wallet account.
With solutions such as Revolut and various other digital accounts popping up, how do you go about picking the electronic money institution that will keep your funds safe?
Revolut has been cracking down on the Maltese and any account that is registered within the Maltese islands. First, they stopped any new Malta-based account from being created and now they’re even reviewing their existing customers. This means that people are already looking for alternatives.
That’s where iPaymix comes in. Introducing the e-wallet account where everyone is invited. Curated and designed in Malta for Malta, iPaymix will help connect you with the rest of the world.
At iPaymix everyone can join and set up an account. Although it is based in Malta, even expats who have been struggling to get to grips with the local finance scene can now easily gain access to a monetary account and a Maltese IBAN. 
Providing you with a Maltese IBAN number, you can receive your salary or even payments through the app. iPaymix is making money transfers quick and easy again. All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.
Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply top up your funds and enjoy using iPaymix! Your card will be delivered to your address – all you need to do is apply within the app itself.
Verifying your account and getting a card takes as little as 48 hours, so what are you waiting for?
Your security is Ipaymix is a priority. Using a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) process and 3D secure and biometric authentication, you can rest assured that your funds will be safe in this e-wallet.