Member Service provider for card processing services for issuing Debit & Credit and Pre-paid under MasterCard International License

Finance Incorporated Limited is a certified member service provider by MasterCard International for card issuing and acquiring. We offer quick and effective end-to-end card management system, which is PCI-DSS certified, offering versatility along with multiple integration points, debit, Prepaid and Credit card core processing services, and fully managed card solutions.


Finance Incorporated Limited represents your interests in discussions with MasterCard International and supports you in issues such as applying for a new license, extending the existing license for additional products, name changes, AML and risk reviews, etc.


Finance Incorporated Limited ensures communication with MasterCard International and informs you about the relevant guidelines, applicable rules and standards, current fees and product innovations.

Rules & Standards

Finance Incorporated Limited ensures that the MasterCard requirements are complied with at all times, e.g. anti-money laundering (AML), data protection or transaction processing.


Finance Incorporated Limited handles all related activities for you in the case of new activations: definition activation of the Bank Identification Number (BIN), activation of 3DS, integration with the card personalization centers, provision of certificates (key management) or definition of technical parameters.

Authorization, Clearing & Settlement

Finance Incorporated Limited ensures the connection to the MasterCard International payment system and handles payment scheme account management for the settlement of transactions.


Finance Incorporated Limited ensures reporting to MasterCard and local authorities. This primarily includes quarterly reporting (inventory and sales figures) as well as the regular reporting of any other transactional figures.


Finance Incorporated Limited supports you with complex questions regarding the payment scheme fee structure and takes over the application and issuance of waivers (temporary exemptions) with the respective to MasterCard International.
© 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.
© 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.