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When we got together to create Finance Incorporated Limited, what connected the core team was the desire to do things well. There is a difference between running a company well and running a good company. We wanted to do both.
It turns out that our collective skills meant we would inevitably run the company well. The team is skilled, multi-talented, and exceptionally driven to create innovative tech that serves its customers well.
But running a company that wants to do the right thing is a different story. Early on we made a commitment to each other. We would look out for each other, grow the team in a way that is nurturing and considerate, and that we would embrace each other’s differences so that Finance Incorporated Limited would eventually grow into a model for the world we want to see around us.
We took our social responsibility seriously back then and it means even more to us now. We were among the first to sign the Terra Carta, making Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance a foundational matter. This means that we go beyond sponsoring an activity here and there. It means that decisions taken at board level – and all the way down from there – are done with consideration for all stakeholders.
As we progress through our ambitious plans for growth, we are taking all steps we can to be a carbon neutral company. We look at our team and value its happiness as a key performance indicator. We look at the markets we serve and strive to do right by them in every way possible. And we look at the products that we deliver to our customers with the intent of making their lives better – wherever and whenever they make a transaction.
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Electronic Money
09014, 09025
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Mission Statement

Evolving with our customers, and for our customers, to provide costless financial transactions

Customer focus

We consider the individual needs and circumstances of every client and work to provide the service that best serves their needs.


Our integrity stems from an unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency. We share our intentions and are clear about our actions.

Tech oriented

Our mindset is one of permanent innovation. We use, adapt, create, and aggregate technology to deliver the most useful and relevant set of products and services.

Team first

We care for our team first, treating every member with the respect, care, and consideration that we all deserve. As a happily multilingual, multicultural, and multidisciplinary team, we are a little reflection of the world we dream of.


Finance incorporated Limited is 100% owned by DOXXON Finance Limited. DOXXON is a Malta based management and a holding company for its subsidiaries around the world. Investments in subsidiaries are done without geographical or sectoral constraints. Main idea of DOXXON is to create tangible synergies between its subsidiaries.
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Our esteemed Board of Directors are experienced, skilled and well respected members of the community

Mr. Robert C. Aquilina

Mr. Robert C. Aquilina joined Salvo Grima back in 1973, before being appointed a Director in 1974. This was followed by his appointment as Managing Director in 1998. Robert C. Aquilina has been the Chairman since 2003 and CEO between 2003 and 2016.

Non-Executive Board Member

Dr. Frank Chetcuti Dimech

Dr Chetcuti Dimech co-founded CDF Advocates in 1993 and Fintel Limited, later renamed CDF Company Services Ltd, in 2001. His practice focuses on investment services and funds as well as general corporate law.

Non-Executive Board Memberr

Mr. Luke Coppini

Mr Coppini graduated as an accountant in 1991 and has held key positions in a number of Maltese and International Groups for the last 25 years. He has worked in various industries including real estate, beverage, hospitality and automotive.

Executive Board Member

Mr. Cenk Kahraman

Mr. Cenk Kahraman is an ex-banker with 20+ years of experience mostly as a senior executive. He worked in different jurisdictions and amassed international banking experience especially in payments and treasury products.

Non-Executive Board Member

Philip Micallef

Over thirty years experience in senior management positions in both public and private sector organizations in Malta, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and Bermuda. Understanding cultures and building a strong team which challenges you constructively and places common good above personal interests.

Executive Management

Our enthusiastic, innovative and driven executive team
Cenk Kahraman
Savas Manyasli
Mina Mitkova
Kira Borg
Internal Auditor in Internal Audit
Pauline Seychell
Andrea Carnali
Risk Manager
Maja Andreevska-Blazhevska
Head of Financial Crime Compliance & MLRO
Jurate Kajackiene
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships in Cards
Catherine Bannister

Our Partners

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© 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.