What is Compliance?

Finance Incorporated business is entirely built upon trust, our customers trust us with their payment requirements and thereby we place our regulatory obligations at the center of our business. Our compliance function does not simply stop at setting rules about honesty and training staff on the importance of honesty and candor but also test the rules in place to ensure that the company is aligned to its policies and values.
Finance Incorporated Finance Inc. is a licensed and regulated Financial Institution, authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as a payment service provider and as an electronic money institution.
Finance Incorporated is also approved by MasterCard Europe as a principal issuing member.

Compliance in practice

Uncontrolled Development and Climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet, a threat recognised by the 184 countries that have signed the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Climate change is not a world problem but indeed, its everyone’s problem.
Our mission statement is to build a strong name in the industry that proactively meeting the customer needs whilst complying with the all the technical and regulatory requirements.
All transactional activity is screened for Sanctions, AML & CFT exposure. We exercise oversight and control in line with our legal obligations because we understand the risk and impact created when criminal funds are channeled and laundered through the financial system. We do not simply abide by the regulations because we are compelled to do so, but because we need to ensure that the financial tools offered by Finance Incorporated are not abused by criminals.
We often ask questions since we wish to understand our customer business thereby building on long lasting relationships and ensuring that we are well positions to service our customer needs. At Finance Incorporated Finance we consider your business as our business.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

The Board of Directors of Finance Incorporated Finance Inc is committed to zero tolerance of any act, or attempt, of bribery. The company has implemented a policy and procedure which is proportionate to the business of Finance Incorporated Finance Inc to align with the Wolfsberg Principles and manage Anti Bribery & Compliance obligations.
The company:
Does not accept nor give cash gifts or cash equivalents with the intent to Fosters a Zero tolerance approach to bribery.
Has implemented procedures and controls in place to prevent and detect bribery attempts.
Helps employees to develop the right instincts to know what to do and whom to escalate in case of difficulties.
Adopts a top down approach, to train and constantly reinforce the message.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a body set up by 195 members of the United Nations to provide rigorous and balanced scientific information on climate change, confirms that the climate system is warming up. The IPCC concludes that the period from 1983 to 2012 was probably the warmest 30-year period over the last 1400 years. Average global temperatures have increased by approximately 0.85°C between 1880 and 2012.
Scientists differ in their forecasts and impact of climate change however they all agree that it is happening and acknowledge the dangerous consequences. There has already been an increase in the frequency of extreme events such as heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, and floods, as well as rises in sea levels and the retreat of glaciers. In Malta, the seasons are merging into two a typical long summer followed by a mild short winter. The overlapping seasons of Spring and Autumn are becoming shorter every year.
These changes have had adverse impacts on human health, wildlife, plants, crop yields, food security and water availability. Whilst the impact varies across different countries, the consequences are serious. Undoubtedly the heaviest burden will be borne by the world’s poorest people. Greenhouse gases are extremely likely to have been the main cause of global warming since the middle of the last century. The largest emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels, particularly coal, from agriculture and from deforestation and other changes in land use. Forests also act as a “sink” by soaking up carbon dioxide, a prominent greenhouse gas, and are rich in biodiversity.
These events are a call to action and Finance Incorporated along numerous other companies are working towards taking effective action by endorsing the right culture whilst refusing to work at the detriment to the environment.

Client Due Diligence

We will ask a number of questions and request documents as part of the onboarding procedure and throughout the progress of our business relationship.
Whilst this may sound invasive, in order to keep our services and our partners secure, and to combat fraud and money laundering, Finance Incorporated Finance is legally obliged to collect this documentation to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the businesses using our financial services. The information we collect will be retained in strict confidence and governed under the General Data Protection Regulations, the PMLA act and subsidiary legislation.
The information we collect will be retained in strict confidence and governed under the General Data Protection Regulations, the PMLA act and subsidiary legislation.
We will ask questions to ensure that we understand the provenience of the funds channeled through the financial system and we are always happy to discuss and clarify on the requested documentation. Whilst we could attribute this requirement to industry-standards, we genuinely wish to understand our client’s business and be able to provide the best payment solutions in the market. Thus, getting to know your business better is important for us and will in turn help us provide an outstanding service.

Our Mission Statement

Always evolving for our customers with our customers, to provide costless financial transactions.

Customer Commitment

We believe each customer is unique and we will make them feel so.


Use, adapt and create technology. Think outside of the box and create win-win scenarios for customers and company


We keep our house happy, tidy, and fun! Customers never love a company until the employees love it first. (Simon Sinek)


Before everything, before work, before team, before company, first of all we are decent human beings. We respect each other, we respect life and nature.
And we encourage each other.
© 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.
© 2022 Finance Incorporated Limited. All rights reserved.