San Gwann
March 2023


Finance Incorporated Limited (FIL) has obtained Visa membership for acquiring, giving it direct access to a set of services of the Visa global payments network.
By obtaining a Principle Acquiring membership licence, FIL adds a new distinctive achievement to the list of Company’s growing organisational successes and  fulfils a significant strategic milestone for The Company. This brings with it a host of brand-new opportunities that encompass the delivery of a wide range of first-class services and payment solutions.
By reducing operational complexity, The Company greatly simplifies and streamlines customer experience, particularly where card acceptance services are concerned. This applies across the board, from ecommerce applications to merchants that want to accept card payments directly on mobile phones and devices.
Since its inception, FIL has had access to the many Visa services via its global partners. Visa membership reduces the operational complexity of the FIL offering and gains significant speed and efficiency. By removing intermediaries, FIL now has complete control over delivery of fintech, payments infrastructure, and compliance that are carried out over the Visa network.
In addition, FIL has been invited to join Malta’s Visa Innovation Program, the fintech pilot-centered collaboration platform designed to help the start-ups scale, and engage with Visa, its clients and partners across Europe.
Speaking about the new relationship with Visa, Cenk Kahraman, CEO of Finance Incorporated Limited, said, “As we extend our reach beyond the local market, this step is a significant one towards our ability to deliver faster, simpler, and more efficient payments across the board. It is also an important step for the industry as non-bank financial institutions and Electronic Money Institutions are part of the future of the payments industry, allowing for a more competitive landscape in the sector. This also allows us to be faster to the market with innovations that leverage the Visa network.”
This step brings significant benefits to the corporate and industry sectors as it paves the way for large volumes of lower cost, frictionless transactions. The list of products that FIL is now able to offer directly includes:
  1. IBAN accounts
  2. SEPA Payments
  3. Card Acquiring (POS – ecommerce)
  4. Mobile App
  5. Card Data Processing
  6. BIN Sponsorship
  7. White Label Solutions
FIL is an Electronic Money Institution based in Malta that operates the brands iPaymix, Paymix Pro, and Paymix VIA, delivering account, payments, and cards services to corporate and retail clients, as well as to financial institutions.  It is licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.
The Company is also a participant of SEPA Payment network, a member of the European Payment Institutions Federation, a member of NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance, a member of SMI – Sustainable Markets Initiative and a proud supporter of Terra Carta, which aims to reunite people and planet, by giving fundamental rights and value to Nature, ensuring a lasting impact and tangible legacy for this generation.